Mailbox Monday | Featuring Health Tea Book Crate

Time for Mailbox Monday! Technically I’m on a self-imposed book-buying ban, since I have exactly 50 unread books on my shelves. I am failing myself, because I keep making excuses like: “but these thrift store books are SO cheap, it would be stupid NOT to buy them!” Okay, let’s talk book subscription boxes, since they aren’t REALLY counted when you’re on a book-buying ban – are they? As you may have read in my first ever blog post, it was a book subscription box (Novel Editions) that really renewed my love of obsession with reading.

I have had a hard time finding a box that I adore as much as I did Novel Editions. There are countless YA boxes, but YA is not really my preferred genre. I also dislike receiving items that are not useful. Candles, bath bombs, tea, soap, bookmarks, stationery, tote bags etc. are all items that I love, because I will actually USE them. I am not really inclined to “collect” things, and I don’t think there’s any book/series I love enough to want art prints of its characters (even Harry Potter/Outlander/GoT don’t make that cut!). Of course this is 100% personal preference, but it is honestly difficult to find good book boxes that don’t have a YA or specific book/fandom theme to them.

1This brings me to my most recent snail mail on this Mailbox Monday! I don’t remember how I came across Health Tea Book Crate, but I may have fallen in love just by browsing through their Instagram feed. Tea and books are two of my favourite things (along with brown paper packages tied up with string). Add in the vintage aesthetic they’ve got going on, and I was hooked! I was ready for the impulse buy, but when I went to check out I saw that they only shipped within the U.S.A. Fraught with disappointment, I instantly DM’d them on Instagram, expressing both my adoration and lamentation, and guess what!? They added international shipping: WIN!

Without further ado, here is the aesthetically delightful unboxing of the July Health Tea Book Crate. Spoilers ahead!

Included in the July Health Tea Book Crate:

EVERY item is absolutely gorgeous. When opening this box I felt perfectly pampered. Everything was packaged in such a lovely manner, and it is clear that such care and thought went in to every little detail.  Of course the most important aspect of the box is the book, and I am so excited to start A Place for Us. 

Since I’m located in Canada, and this is a box from the United States, the only downside is the higher cost due to the exchange rate and customs. I can pretend that I care for a few moments, but then I just look at how beautiful it all is!

Do you subscribe to any book boxes? Which are your faves!?  What do you like to receive in subscription boxes?


4 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday | Featuring Health Tea Book Crate”

  1. I don’t subscribe to any boxes but if I did it would be books. It would have to be curated to my tastes though. My reading lately has been an escape and that has saved my sanity, haha. I bought A Place For Us after reading several glowing reviews. Now I need time to read it. Hope you love it!

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