Simple & Sustainable Personal Care

As part of my “simple and sustainable” posts, I’m going to start with “me” by delving in to personal care and cosmetics. I’ve been making an effort to simplify personal care for quite a few years now—before I had a household, child, or even partner to consider. When I first started learning about all of the chemicals and toxins in cosmetics and personal care products, I was horrified. Read more here. I set out to ensure that I was avoiding harmful ingredients.

My Goals:

  • Use fewer products
  • Use simple, natural, sustainable products free of harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Decrease waste (especially plastic)
  • Save money
  • Support eco-conscious businesses

Over the past few years I’ve been great at using fewer and more natural and sustainable products. The next challenge I’m giving myself is to move to products with less/no waste. Even though we recycle all of the packaging we currently use, it’s still better to not use it in the first place.

Natural Skin Care

I’ve always had ridiculously sensitive skin, and I’ve struggled to find skin care products that don’t cause my face to break out. I’ve finally discovered an easy, inexpensive, and natural skin care routine that works well for me.

In the morning and evening I cleanse my face by using a Norwex body cloth, followed by raw honey. After removing any makeup with oil (jojoba/coconut/olive) I love using the exfoliating side of the cloth to cleanse and gently exfoliate. I slather and massage my face (still wet) with raw honey. I soak a regular facecloth in hot water, wring it out so it’s just damp, and place it over my face until it cools—this part feels ohhhh so good! Then I wash off the remaining honey. Why honey? It’s naturally antibacterial and also helps to regulate our skin’s natural oils and pH. You can also eat it… so that’s cool too.

After cleansing, I apply my homemade “toner” (witch hazel & lavender essential oil) with a reusable makeup round. I just buy a bottle of witch hazel (make sure to get a pure version without any alcohol added) and add a few drops of lavender oil.

I moisturize with a small amount of jojoba oil or my homemade aloe moisturizer, depending on how dry my skin is. I’ll typically use jojoba oil at night and the aloe moisturizer in the morning.

For a nice deep cleanse, once per week I apply a Calcium Bentonite Clay mask. I buy the “Indian Healing Clay” brand and mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar (I find that it works better than water). I especially love applying this mask and popping my head in to the room to terrify Ryan… hehe.


I have long and incredibly thick hair. I stopped dying it and went au natural about 7 years ago, mainly because it was expensive and inconvenient to maintain while traveling. I’m so happy I stopped, because my hair has been much healthier since—plus I don’t have to spend a fortune on it.

I tend to switch up my shampoo and conditioner regularly, and I’ve tried countless natural, toxin-free products. My current favourite is the Attitude brand shampoo and conditioner. They are EWG verified, and I love how soft, shiny, and healthy they keep my hair. They’ve also started selling their products in bulk, recyclable packaging to decrease plastic, which is awesome!

I’d like to switch to a natural “bar” shampoo and conditioner to cut plastic packaging altogether, but I’ve yet to experiment with any (aside from LUSH products I used while traveling). Right now I have my eye on these two from Boreal Folk and Life UNpacked

…but I just got some of the Attitude shampoo in bulk, so I’ll have to wait until that’s almost gone!


Cleansing & Moisturizing

To cleanse, I buy natural soaps (most made locally), and I use a soap exfoliating bag. I also make my own body lotion (the aloe moisturizer recipe above) and oil. When I was pregnant I made my own “belly oil,” which I also use to moisturize if my skin needs some extra TLC. I mixed the following oils (in who knows what for quantity…): jojoba, avocado, vitamin e, and argan. I also love my bamboo dry brush!


For deodorant, I used to use Saje spray deodorant, which worked well throughout the winter, but it did NOT suffice when I was pregnant last summer. For me, Native deodorant seems to work the best. I’d still like to explore deodorant options with more minimal packaging…


I have yet to try out more sustainable plastic-free razors. I have my eye on a few, but haven’t committed yet. I have a few more razor cartridges to go before I need to make my decision. These are two I’m considering:

I’m afraid I’ll end up cutting myself with these though! Haha… I’ll keep you updated on this one.


Ugh – this is the area that I really struggle with. I’ve had a hard time finding a more natural makeup that I really love and that isn’t ridiculously expensive. I’ve just come to terms with the fact that if I want to buy and wear makeup, I will have to pay more for a quality product. I’m currently using mostly Mineral Fusion, with a few products from BareMinerals. If you have any natural makeup recommendations I am all ears!

I’ll definitely keep you up to date with my goals and I’ll share any awesome new products or ideas with you in regards to simple, natural, and sustainable personal care. I’d love to know YOURS as well! Drop a comment below, or DM me on Instagram to chat.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts that will focus on simple and sustainable for household and baby!

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