Our Vintage Bookish Wedding

This has been a long time coming, considering we were married in August of 2018. It was honestly the best day ever! We had such an amazing time and had so much fun celebrating with our family and friends. We didn’t want to spend much on our wedding, so many of the items were rented, thrifted, or DIY. I always love seeing the little details of other peoples’ weddings, so here’s ours!

Venue: Lac Le Jeune Wilderness Resort

Flowers: Wild Roots Flowers & Gifts

Photography: Sherry Thiessen Photography

Hair: Anjera Hair Design

Makeup: Brooke Ambler

My best vintage find to date was definitely my wedding dress! I came across it one day when my Mom and I were browsing a small boutique in Chase. I wasn’t engaged at the time—in fact, Ryan and I had just started dating, and he was back in England after his first visit to Canada. While browsing the racks, I saw this gorgeous lace wedding dress from the 1950’s. I called Mom over to show her and said something to the effect of, “Wow, this is exactly what I’d want my wedding dress to look like.” She and the shop owner urged me to try it on, even though I had no need for a wedding dress at the time. It fit perfectly and was just over $200… so Mom said, “Well I think we should just buy it, and if you don’t use it you can just sell it.” So we did! Needless to say, my Dad and Grandparents were surprised when we returned from a trip uptown with a wedding dress. If I remember correctly, I also casually told Ryan via text that I had bought a vintage wedding dress… hahah. I’m surprised that didn’t scare him off…

Engagement ring and wedding band from MinimalVS
Lace Satin Shoes from Amazon

We didn’t really choose “colours” or have a “theme” for our wedding. If Ryan had to plan it, it probably would have been soccer-themed… hahah. As you’ll see, I’m a sucker for anything lace and vintage, which suited the “rustic” setting well. Of course I had to add old books wherever possible—and a splash of Harry Potter!

I’ve always known I wanted to be wed outside, surrounded by trees. We were so fortunate to have the perfect weather and setting for our ceremony. On the morning of our wedding, we were woken up by a HUGE clap of thunder at 7am, which was followed by an absolute DOWNPOUR. Thankfully it cleared up for the ceremony. I walked down the aisle to “A Thousand Years” (Christina Perri covered by the Piano Guys), which still makes me tear up today. I definitely didn’t expect to be so emotional! I’m pretty sure I started crying as soon as Dad and I started walking down the aisle.

We chose to incorporate the ancient tradition of handfasting into our ceremony—which is where the phrase “tying the knot” comes from! With each vow we made to one another, my brother and Ryan’s sister draped a ribbon over our hands. With our hands bound together, we sealed the vows by knotting the ribbons in some fancy way that I definitely couldn’t remember how to do today. We still have our knot of ribbons and lace up in our room as a reminder of the vows we made to one another. After we were handfast we also exchanged rings.

We were showered with rose petals as we walked down the aisle as husband and wife—to a song from Harry Potter of course! (Harry’s Wondrous World)

This Golden Snitch is actually the ring case that Ryan proposed with two years earlier!

I may be obsessed with lace, old books, antique silver, and succulents! Our centerpieces are definitely a reflection of that. I designed the Chapter Table Signs (available here) and made a holder for them out of old wine corks. Mom made little jars of her absolutely delicious huckleberry jam for our favours, and we made these cute little “Jam Packed with Love” labels for the tops of the jars.

We selected an assortment of my Grandma’s old bells to put on each table with the sign: “Ring the bell for kisses from the new Mr & Mrs.” In hindsight maybe that wasn’t a great idea… lots of bell-ringing and kisses!

Our “Honeydukes” candy table was SO much fun to put together! I created the sign, and we collected dishes from family members, dollar stores and thrift stores. I designed or found signs for the candies:

  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (jelly beans)
  • Tangy Trevors (gummy frogs)
  • Licorice wands (licorice sticks)
  • Jelly Slugs (gummy worms)
  • Alohomora Charms (sour keys)
  • Dumbledore’s Lemon Drops (lemon drops)
  • Fizzing Whizbees (sour candies)
  • Acid Pops (lollipops)
  • Salt Water Taffy
  • Fainting Fancies (fuzzy peaches)
  • Exploding Bonbons (assorted bonbons)

Download the document with the labels I used here.

We also made Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches. Oh my goodness it took AGES to cut all those wings out, but they turned out so cute! Visit this blog for the free printable wings.

I would 100% recommend doing a polaroid photo guestbook! We still love looking at all of the photos, and it was a fun excuse to display all of our vintage cameras too.

A lovely old suitcase for cards, but it’s that succulent-filled book that really steals the show—thanks to my crafty Mom!

We’re actually that nerdy couple who practiced our “first dance” beforehand. Choosing the song for it was SO difficult. We settled on a classic: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. It was honestly so much fun doing our little “routine”—complete with a dip and kiss at the end!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek at our special day! A huge thank you to my cousin Sherry for the photos, and for everyone who helped to make our day amazing. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram.